• Qazzoo Is An Alternative To Costly And Ineffective Online Advertising

  • Posted on August 21, 2015
  • Qazzoo.com is a website that flips online advertising on its head. This is a social media platform and search engine that does not follow the traditional tact of using online advertising which, too often, is ineffective. Online advertising is incredibly frustrating, both to those who use it and those who see it. Most of the time, it seems, advertising is not shown to the people who want to see it and rarely does it actually turn into anything more than an impression.

    Qazzoo is an alternative to costly and ineffective online advertising. While it is a new and innovative search engine and social media platform, it is not seeking to reinvent the wheel—only to make it more efficient. Qazzoo.com is mainly focused on the real estate industry currently. If you go to Qazzoo's blog, twitter, facebook, or website right now then you will see that the search engine is dominantly being used by real estate agents and companies to search for consumers who are in the process of buying a home, or about to start the process.

    Qazzoo.com offers a way for consumers to save time when they are trying to find something. It is a localized search engine that allows consumers to find businesses near them that provide what they are looking for—rather than just the company that has invested the most in being at the top of search results.  Consumers find what they searched for, instead of what companies wanted them to find.

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